How to Defeat the Adventurer in Angry Birds Epic


One of the toughest enemies you’ll fight early on in Angry Birds Epic is the Adventurer, who can be found in Western Slingshot Woods. He’s a formidable and well-balanced enemy. There’s a lot of power behind that Indiana Jones inspired bullwhip and fedora. You’ll need to employ some pretty specific strategy to defeat him.

As with any new battle in Angry Birds Epic, your first move should always be to tap and hold on your enemy to scout out his strengths and weaknesses. The Adventurer’s primary attack is Whiplash, which deals some heavy damage and also removes any helpful effects on the target bird. Ouch! That’s a powerful attack. His defensive ability is the equally dangerous Counter. Once he activates this power, which persists for 3 turns, any attack on him results in an immediate counter-attack that deals a whopping 200% damage. Not good! And just to put a big exclamation point on things, the Adventurer has the passive power Dirty Tricks, which gives him immunity to harmful effects.

Bring on the Boom…and the Itch

That last bit means that you need to take the Adventurer down with heavy hitters, like Bomb or Red, since damage over time effects won’t help. But at the same time, his Counter ability will cause these Birds to self-destruct when they try to smack him down with their powerful punches. What to do? The answer lies with our good friends Jim, Jake and Jay, a.k.a. the Blues. Specifically, you’ll want to add them to your party while equipped with their Trickster headgear, which gives them the Itching Powder attack. This little beauty delivers heavy damageĀ and it removes helpful effects on the target. It’s the perfect antidote to the Adventurer’s Counter ability.

Angry Birds Itching Powder HintWith the Blues as a must-bring for the party, you still have two spots to fill. One great go-to combination is to bring Matilda and Bomb in his Pirate form. To open the fight, have Bomb cast his Arrr! power to give everyone increased attack power. Then have everyone attack the Adventurer. Once the Adventurer uses his Counter, make sure your next attack is with the Blues. Matilda won’t be much help in the attack, but you can use her to keep everyone healed.

For an even faster take-down of the Adventurer, you could try bringing Red in his Paladin form (if you have it), Bomb and the Blues. Use Red’s Devotion power to protect the other two from heavy damage and then proceed with administering your beat-down.

Once you’ve got the strategy down, the Adventurer is very easy to defeat. In fact, he’s a great enemy to farm as he provides lots of Wood and the occasional Chest for loot.



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