How to Defeat Cabin Boy in Angry Birds Epic


He’s big. Make that really big. And he’s angry. Probably angrier than the birds. He’s Cabin Boy and he’s one of the roughest, toughest pigs on the seas. Armed with a giant wooden anchor and a very fashionable sailor’s cap, he’s one of the most formidable opponents you’ll face in the early stages of the game.

Cabin Boy

Cabin Boy is big, mean, and wields a pretty impressive anchor.

You’ll find Cabin Boy in Limestone Lagoon – 4 to the West of the Desert Island. The battle with Cabin Boy follows a series of smaller battles with pirates.

Here’s how to beat him.

The first time you face Cabin Boy, you won’t yet have access the the Blues, so your best group of birds for this fight are Samurai Red, Cleric Matilda and Pirate Bomb. Note: you can pick up the Samurai headgear by following the short side-stage following Limestone Lagoon – 3 before this battle.

Cabin Boy’s one and only attack is the Haymaker, which takes 3 turns to charge and does 180 damage to all enemies. He also has the common pirate pig passive defense of Dirty Tricks, making him immune to harmful effects. So you’re strategy here is to hit him quick and hard before he wipes you out with his Haymaker.

  1. To open, cast Bomb’s Aarrr! power to boost the attack power of all your birds.
  2. If you have the Golden Chili, use Red’s Heroic Strike to lay down the first blow.
  3. Then keep attacking with all of your birds.
  4. Once Cabin Boy’s Haymaker power is charged at 2 out of 3 bars (you’ll see it flashing over his head), use Samurai Red’s Defensive Formation power to protect your birds from being wiped out by the Haymaker.
  5. Let Matilda heal your birds as necessary and keep repeating the sequence until Cabin Boy falls.

When your birds are higher level, you can return to pound him to farm Sea Berries for your potions. The bigger they come, the harder they fall.


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