How to Defeat Captain Red Beard in Angry Birds Epic


One of the toughest pigs you’ll fight on the high seas of Angry Birds Epic is Captain Red Beard, a dastardly and notorious pirate of ill repute. The basic strategy with Captain Red Beard is the same as with most boss pigs — take him out first whenever possible. Here’s a closer look at how to beat him in battle.

Captain Red Beard has the Seasoned Stroke attack, which deals moderate damage. He has the defensive ability Call Aid, which summons additional pirate allies after two turns. As with all the pirate pigs, he’s got the passive ability Dirty Tricks, which makes him immune to harmful effects.

With that in mind, your damage over time bird attacks are useless, so it’s important to bring your heavy hitters to the battle, such as Red, Bomb, and Matilda. As mentioned before, focus on taking Captain Red Beard out quickly. He’ll likely get off at least one Call Aid to summon minions, but as long as you don’t get overwhelmed, everything should be ok.

You’ll find Captain Red Beard in a few different areas of the game. The first encounter will be in the Southern Cobalt Plateaus, while you are on your quest to recover the stolen ship. You’ll find him again on the Western Cobalt Plateaus, and in Eastern Cobalt Plateaus – 2. Finally, you’ll be able to battle him inside the Porktuga Dungeon.

Southern Cobalt Plateaus

Western Cobalt Plateaus

Eastern Cobalt Plateaus – 2

Porktuga Dungeon

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