How to Defeat the Foreman in Angry Birds Epic


The Foreman is a relatively common large pig who appears in battles with several smaller pigs. He’s immediately recognizable because of his Mario-style red cap and mustache. He’s also carrying a large yellow pipe with mushrooms growing out of it. The Foreman can be challenging to be early on in the game, but is fairly easy to beat later on once you understand the basic strategy for dealing with him.

The Foreman’s main powers are as follows. Smack, which deals a moderate amount of damage to a single target, Power Up, which increases the attack power of all pigs by 30% for three turns, and Incompetent Minions, which increases the Foreman’s damage output for each minion that is knocked out of the battle. For these reasons, it should be clear that it’s imperative to take out the Foreman first. You should concentrate all of your firepower on him at the start of the battle. It also makes sense to bring your highest attack birds when given the opportunity.

Angry Birds Epic Foreman Closeup





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