How to Defeat the Witch Doctor in Angry Birds Epic


The Witch Doctor is a difficult and challenging pig to defeat in Angry Birds Epic. He has two attack abilities. The first is Focus Target, which means he’ll pick one bird in your party and whomp on him for four consecutive turns. For this reason, it’s important to bring birds with high health and shield capability. His second attack ability is Healing Mojo. This deals moderate to heavy damage to your birds, and 50% of the damage he deals to you comes back as healing for him.

With his high health and healing ability, he can be a tough pig to take down.

You will find him in Great Cliffs -1, immediately after you complete the Slingshot Woods section of the map.

Here’s how to beat the Witch Doctor.

  1. You’ll want to bring Samurai Red, Druid Matilda, and Rogue Blues. If you have the Golden Chili, you should open with Red’s Heroic Strike attack to immediately do heavy damage to the Witch Doctor. After that, attack with both Matilda and the Blues so that they put their damage over time effects on the Witch Doctor (Thorny Vines and Sticky Goo). The Witch Doctor will open by using Focus Target on one of your birds.
  2. Your next move, regardless of which bird he focuses on, is to use the Blues’ Cupcake Trap ability on Red. This ensures that the Witch Doctor is targeting your strongest bird, and it mitigates the Witch Doctor’s self-healing ability.
  3. Next, use Red’s Defensive Formation ability to keep Red shielded for the impending attack.
  4. After that, just keep attacking. If necessary, replenish your Cupcake Trap when it expires. If Red is low on health, keep Defensive Formation on him.
  5. Depending on your bird level, this can be a long fight. If your Rage Chili fills up, use Red’s Heroic Strike to take the Witch Doctor down.

When your birds have reached a high enough level, this is a great spot to return to farm for Stone.


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