Easy Farming for Resources in Angry Birds Epic


The crafting component of Angry Birds Epic means that often times, you’ll be re-visiting battles you’ve already won to try and obtain (a.k.a. “farm”) additional resources to complete your different recipes. You can replay any battle you like, but certain battles are much faster to complete than others. If you choose wisely, you’ll be able to replay these battles several times over in just a few minutes, vastly increasing the number of resources you can earn. Here are some of our favorite “farming” spots in the game, including the resources you can win at the end of each battle.

As a bonus, this is also a good way to slowly gain both XP and Snoutlings.

Note that the best battles to farm are those that only have a single opponent to defeat. These are very easy to beat if you have the Golden Chili, which gives you a full Rage Chili at the beginning of each turn. One hit from Red with a full Rage Chili can either completely take out or severely cripple your enemy right away.

South Beach – 1

Loot: Seashells, Shiny Sand, Banana

Since this is the starting level of the game, you can come back with leveled-up Birds and put a heavy hurt on the sole Stick Pig guarding the beach. If you’ve got the Golden Chili, just open up with a Heroic Strike from Red to put the poor little Stick Piggie out of his misery.

Farming on South Beach 1

Cobalt Plateaus – 5

Loot: Wood, Shiny Sand, Seeds

You need to knock out a large team of Pigs here, but bring along Bomb for his Rage Chili fueled Explode power, which deals heavy damage to all enemies. If you’ve got the Golden Chili, open with this move and only the Rogue Leader will be left standing. Red and any other Bird can clean him up.

Farming in the Cobalt Plateaus

You’ll face five pigs in this level, but Bomb can take them out with his Rage Chili Power.

Matilda’s Garden

Loot: Hot Tomato, Water, Banana

Matilda's Garden Farming for Loot

You can one-shot Monty the Pig if you have the Golden Chili. It’s a quick and easy way to load up on Hot Tomatoes, Water and Bananas.

Limestone Lagoon – 4

Loot: Sea Berry, Flotsam, Limestone

There’s only one enemy to defeat, but he’s a big one: the Cabin Boy. He has very high health, but his first attack is the Haymaker, which takes three full turns to charge. That means you have three turns to take him out before you take any damage. If you’re high-enough level, bring your best damage-dealing birds (try Red, Bomb and the Blues) and try to knock out Cabin Boy as quickly as possible. This level is much easier if you have the Golden Chili and open with Red’s Heroic Strike. A side bonus is that this level gives you decent experience and 4 Snoutlings upon each completion.

Eastern Desert Island

Loot: Shiny Sand, Fossil, Limestone

This level also has a single enemy to defeat: the Cactus Knight Captain. He has the Ironclad power, making him immune to attacks with less than 55 damage, so bring your heavy damage dealers to take him out quickly. Remember to bring Red with either his Knight or Guardian head gear equipped and not Samurai, or he’ll be useless in this fight. A good party is Red (Knight), Bomb (Pirate) and the Blues (Trickster). As always, having the Golden Chili helps if you use it for Red’s Heroic Strike opener. If the Cactus Knight Captain casts his Sharp Spikes defense, attack with the Blues Itching Powder attack to dispel it.

Eastern Desert Island Farming

Bamboo Forest – 4

Loot: Bamboo, Seeds, Shiny Sand

This is a tougher stage than some of the other farming spots, but it’s a great place to stock up on Bamboo. You’ll encounter different configurations of enemies here and most of them will have the Dodge ability, meaning they’re immune to high damage attacks. With that in mind, a great party combination is Samurai Red, Lightning Bird Chuck, and Druid Matilda.

If your enemies include a large Mandarin Pig, then start out the battle by focusing on taking him out. Otherwise, use Lightning Bird Chuck to dish out the Energy Drain while Matilda alternates between putting down some Thorny Vines and keeping the party healed.

Angry Birds Epic - Bamboo Forest 4

The Bamboo Forest is an excellent place to farm for–you guessed it–Bamboo.

Winter Wonderland – 2

Loot: Snow Apple, Ore, Flotsam

This zone isn’t exactly a cakewalk, but with a properly equipped high-damage team you can easily farm this spot for Snow Apples, which are a key ingredient for those tasty all-party-healing Fruit Cakes made at the Cauldron.. The enemies you will face here varied, but they can all be taken out with the high-damage group of Red (anything but Samurai), Bomb (Pirate) and the Blues (Trickster). Use Bomb’s Arrr! ability to give a boost to everyone’s attack and have at it.


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