Angry Birds Epic Daily Dungeon Guide

Some of the most challenging levels in Angry Birds Epic are the Daily Dungeon areas. This complete gameplay guide will help you beat even the most difficult levels in the game and earning tons of epic rewards.

When you attempt one of the Daily Dungeon levels, you get to choose two of your own birds, plus one bird from a friend. That friend can either be a real friend that you’ve connected to via Facebook, the automatic computer-controlled friend Piggy McCool, or a purchased companion from the Mighty Eagle, which costs Lucky Gold.

You can attempt a Daily Dungeon as many times as you want when you first unlock it. After that, you can only re-play in on a specific day of the week, as outlined below.

The Daily Dungeons of Angry Birds Epic


This is the first dungeon you’ll unlock in the game and it is found in the Pirate Coast. Despite being first, it’s one of the most difficult to beat. This dungeon is re-playable on Monday.

Angry Birds Epic Porktuga Dungeon

Ghost Ship

You’ll find this daily dungeon off the coast of Star Reef. It’s easier than Porktuga, but still no walk in the park. This dungeon is re-playable on Tuesday.

Angry Birds Epic Ghost Ship Dungeon

Floating Hoghouse

One of the easier dungeons to complete, you’ll find the Floating Hoghouse near Porktuga and the Ghost Ship. You’ll need to have the Blue Key before you can gain access to this dungeon. This dungeon is re-playable on Wednesday.

Floating Hoghouse

Floating Hoghouse has its challenges, but is one of the easier Daily Dungeons to complete.

Volcano Island

The dungeon on Volcano Island is accessible after you complete the Bamboo Forest and build your airship. You’ll be facing many of the same enemies you encountered in Bamboo Forest in this dungeon, so harmful-effect attacks and low damage chain reaction effects are important to survival here. The final wave has you face off against Little Ninja, a diminutive but powerful adversary. This dungeon is re-playable on Thursday.

Little Ninja from Volcano Island

Short in stature, Little Ninja packs a powerful punch in Angry Birds Epic’s Volcano Island Daily Dungeon.

Trick or Treat Castle

After you pass the Mountain Pig Castle you’ll encounter the Pumpkin Plateau, and that’s where you’ll find this spooky-themed dungeon. This dungeon is re-playable on Friday.

Bottomless Cave

The Bottomless Cave is found between Lake Land and the Northern Sea. This dungeon is re-playable on Saturday.

Sunken Pyramid

The Sunken Pyramid is the final daily dungeon that you’ll unlock in Angry Birds Epic. It’s found in the Eastern Sea and you’ll be able to go inside after you’ve obtained the submarine. This dungeon is re-playable on Sunday.