Mighty Eagle’s Tips

During the transition loading screens, the Mighty Eagle appears and provides you with short gameplay tips to help you perfect your Angry Birds Epic strategy. Here’s a collection of all the tips that he provides.

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Tips

One of the many tips that the Mighty Eagle provides during loading screens in Angry Birds Epic.

  • Ask your friends once a day for free Friendship Essence.
  • At least one bird must survive to win a battle.
  • Change a bird’s class (head gear) to change its battle abilities.
  • Collect both items of an equipment set to gain a unique and powerful set bonus.
  • Collect free items from harvesting spots.
  • Combat in this game is turn based. You can only give orders during your turn.
  • Don’t take much damage and defeat your foes quickly to gain a high score and 3 stars!
  • Drag the full Rage Chili on a bird to unleash its mighty rage ability.
  • Each bird can only use one potion per turn.
  • Each weapon and off-hand item has a passive bonus ability.
  • Fill up the Rainbow Bar of your Golden Pig item to guarantee a set item.
  • Gain all three stars to get more loot.
  • Golden Pigs reward you with Lucky Coins!
  • I’m the only one who can dislike on Facebook.
  • Look out for attractive special offers in the shop!
  • Most resources and ingredients can be crafted from lesser ones.
  • Open Friendship Gates to unlock bonus areas and items.
  • Pig Gates can be opened with the Pig Key of the same color.
  • Re-roll your Wheel of Fortune prizes with Friendship Essence!
  • Scrap your old and unwanted equipment for bonus resources!
  • Set items can only be obtained from Golden Pig machines.
  • Sign in with your Rovio account to share your game progress across multiple devices.
  • Tap a bird to use its supportive ability on itself.
  • Tap and hold anything for explanations.
  • Tap and hold a blueprint or recipe to see the required materials to build it.
  • There is a unique dungeon for each day of the week!
  • Try different bird combos. There is a trick to every fight!
  • Use the Rage Chili wisely.
  • Visit Prof. Pig’s Lab regularly to get more powerful recipes.
  • Visit the Cinepig to watch the latest Toons.tv episodes.
  • Visit your friends camps for free rolls on their Golden Pig machines.
  • Wave battles contain multiple battles one directly after the other.
  • Weapons increase a bird’s attack power, and thus the damage dealt by all of their skills.