Angry Birds Epic Stages (Levels)

There are well over a hundred different Stages (or Levels) to complete in Angry Birds Epic. Each one presents unique challenges, from extremely easy to downright diabolical. Here’s a list of all the different battle stages on the Map in Angry Birds Epic:

LevelTypeMain Prize 
South Beach 1Common BattleSeashellWalkthrough
South Beach 2Common BattleFlotsamWalkthrough
Cornucopia WoodsCommon BattleFlotsamWalkthrough
South Beach 3Common BattleBananaWalkthrough
South Beach 4Common BattleWaterWalkthrough
Pig PrisonWave BattleStoneWalkthrough
Southern Cobalt PlateausCommon BattleStoneWalkthrough
Cobalt Plateaus 1Common BattleCobalt StoneWalkthrough
Cobalt Plateaus 2Common BattleWoodWalkthrough
Cobalt Plateaus 3Common BattleCobalt StoneWalkthrough
Cobalt Plateaus 4Common BattleStoneWalkthrough
Cobalt Plateaus 5Common BattleWoodWalkthrough
Cobalt Plateaus 6Common BattleStoneWalkthrough
Cobalt Plateaus 7Common BattleWoodWalkthrough
Cobalt Pig CastleCastleChestWalkthrough
Cobalt Plateaus 8Common BattleWoodWalkthrough
Eastern Cobalt Plateaus 1Common BattleWoodWalkthrough
Eastern Cobalt Plateaus 2Common BattleCobalt StoneWalkthrough
Cobalt Plateaus 9Wave BattleSeedsWalkthrough
Cobalt Plateaus 10Common BattleFlotsamWalkthrough
Cobalt Plateaus 11Common BattleStoneWalkthrough
Western Cobalt PlateausCommon BattleSeedsWalkthrough
Cobalt Plateaus 12Wave BattleSeedsWalkthrough
Matilda's GardenCommon BattleHot TomatoWalkthrough
Puzzle BridgeWave BattleWoodWalkthrough
Golden Fields 1Common BattleSeedsWalkthrough
Golden Fields 2Common BattleShiny SandWalkthrough
Golden Fields 3Wave BattleWoodWalkthrough
Limestone Lagoon 1Wave BattleWater
Limestone Lagoon 2Common BattleSea Berry
Limestone Lagoon 3Common BattleLimestone
Limestone Lagoon 4Common BattleChest
Limestone Lagoon 5Wave BattleWater
Limestone Lagoon 6Common BattleSea Berry
Shipwreck ReefCommon BattleCorals
Southern Sea 1Common BattleSea Berry
Southern Sea 2Common BattleFossil
Southern Sea 3Wave BattleShiny Sand
Eastern Cobalt Plateaus 3Common BattleWood
Eastern Cobalt Plateaus 4Common BattleCobalt Stone
Desert Island 1Common BattleFossil
Eastern Desert IslandCommon BattleChest
Desert Island 2Wave BattleFossil
Desert Island 3Common BattleFossil
Desert Pig CastleCastleChest
Pirate Coast 1Common BattleShiny Sand
PorktugaDaily Dungeon (Monday)200 Snoutlings
Pirate Coast 2Wave BattleShiny Sand
Pirate Coast 3Common BattleShiny Sand
Slingshot Woods 1Common BattleSlingshot Twig
Slingshot Woods 2Common BattleWood
Slingshot Woods 3Common BattleShiny Sand
Western Slingshot WoodsCommon BattleChest
Slingshot Woods 4Common BattleSlingshot Twig
Slingshot Woods 5Wave BattleWood
Slingshot Woods 6Common BattleShiny Sand
Northen Slingshot Woods 1Common BattleSlingshot Twig
Great Cliffs 1Common BattleChest
Great Cliffs 2Common BattleStone
Great Cliffs 3Wave BattleFossil
Great Cliffs 4Common BattleShiny Sand
Star Reef 1Common BattleHot Tomato
Star Reef 2
Wave BattleFlotsam
Star Reef 3Common BattleCorals
Star Reef 4Wave BattleSeastar
Star Reef 5Common BattleWater
Ghost ShipDaily Dungeon (Tuesday)200 Snoutlings
Star Reef 6Wave BattleCorals
Star Reef 7Common BattleSeastar
Star Reef CastleCastle
Bamboo Forest 1Common BattleBamboo
Bamboo Forest 2Common BattleWood
Bamboo Forest 3Wave BattleStone
Bamboo Forest 4Common BattleBamboo
Eastern Cobalt Plateaus 5Common BattleWood
Eastern Cobalt Plateaus 6Wave BattleStone
Bamboo Forest 5Wave Battle
Bamboo Forest 6
Bamboo Forest 7
Bamboo Forest 8Wave Battle
Bamboo Forest 9
Star Reef 8
Eastern Slingshot Woods
Golden Fields 4
Volcano CliffWave Battle
Canyon Land 1
Canyon Land 2
Canyon Land 3Wave Battle
Snowy Peak 1
Banjo Bayou 1
Banjo Bayou 2
Western Bamboo Forest
Western Slingshot Woods
Winter Wonderland 1
Winter Wonderland 2
Winter Wonderland 3
Winter Wonderland 4
Winter Wonderland 5
Islands in the Sky 1
Islands in the Sky 2
Islands in the Sky 3
Mountain Pig Castle