Farming for Hot Tomatoes the Easy Way


One of the earliest farming/grinding spots you’ll visit in the game is Matilda’s Garden, where you’ll battle Monty in an effort to rack up plenty of Hot Tomatoes. The Hot Tomatoes are used to make Hot Veggie Cake, an alchemy potion that refills your Rage Chili by 25%.

This is an easy spot to farm consistently once you reach level 10 or so, and especially so if you have the Golden Chili and use Red to one-shot Monty. My favorite attack group here is to use Bomb (Pirate or Cap’n), Red (any headgear) and any other bird you like. I buff Red using Bomb’s secondary power and then unleash Red’s Heroic Strike upon poor unsuspecting Monty the Pig.

The result is a quick few XP, Snoutlings and a spin at the loot wheel for a chance at up to four hot tomatoes at a turn.

It gets a bit repetitive, but the real question is how many Hot Tomatoes can you realistically earn by repeatedly farming this one zone? To answer that question, I spent a solid 10 minutes replaying this battle and tallying up the loot I received. Here’s a look at what I was able to collect in just 10 minutes:

Total Battles24
Hot Tomato52

As you can see, I got 52 Hot Tomatoes in those 10 minutes, or a rate of 5.2 per minute. If you could withstand the grinding, you’d earn 312 Hot Tomatoes per hour — enough to create 31 – 124 Hot Veggie Cakes (depending on how successful your rolls at the Cauldron are). Of course, in addition to the Hot Tomatoes, you wind up with a lot of Water and Bananas, which are used for several other potions.



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