Farming for Shiny Sand


Ah, that golden Shiny Sand. It’s a basic ingredient for Alchemy and you’ll find it to be vital for creating potions. It’s the sole ingredient for creating Vials, and in turn, Greater Vials. Vials are needed to hold all your healing potions, and as a result you’ll be farming for Shiny Sand quite a bit. So where to go? You have two choices of relatively easy spots for Shiny Sand farming. Let’s take a look at both.

Golden Fields – 2

Angry Birds Epic - Golden Fields 2

Located just beyond Prof. Pig’s Lab, Golden Fields -2 is a relatively early-level common battle stage. The Main Prize is, of course, Shiny Sand, and you can also win Stone and Wood.

The enemy pigs you’ll face are varied. They always fight in groups of 4-6 and you’ll encounter Big Boss, Pilot Pig, Foreman,  and the farmers among others. If you’re high enough level, the best technique is to come to the party with Bomb, Red and either Chuck or the Blues to dish out some heavy damage. If you have the Golden Chili, use it with Bomb’s Explode as your opening move. Most of the smaller pigs will be knocked out immediately, and you can quickly clean up the larger pigs with your other birds.

Eastern Desert Island

Angry Birds Epic - Eastern Desert Island

Although this is a higher level stage than Golden Fields – 2, Eastern Desert Island is still an attractive place to farm for Shiny Sand, especially for higher-level players. There’s only one enemy pig to defeat here: the Cactus Knight Captain. His main attack is the Huge Spiky Blow, which deals some impressive initial damage followed by smaller damage each turn for the next two turns. His defensive ability is Sharp Spikes, which deals a small amount of damage to his attackers. But his most important ability is Ironclad, meaning you’ll want to bring your heavy hitters to the fight.

At high levels, you can usually take him out with Bomb and Red. Use Bomb’s secondary power to boost Red’s attack and if you have the Golden Chili, lay a smackdown on the Captain with Red’s Heroic Strike. You may need a second round to finish him off, but usually Bomb and Red can finish him with ease. Any other bird will do fine as support.

Shiny Sand is the main prize here, but you can also win Limestone and Fossils on the loot wheel spin.




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