Let’s Meet the Characters of Angry Birds Epic


When playing Angry Birds Epic, you’re in control of several characters and your adventuring party will increase in size as you progress through the game. Your first character will be the familiar-looking Red, the same red bird we first met in the original Angry Birds game.


Red starts as knight, armed with a wooden sword, wooden shield and a simple knight’s helmet. It’s not much in the way of weaponry, but it’s more than enough to carry you through the first set of tutorial levels and introductory battles in the game. Red is primarily an attacker, but also has access to several defensive powers. The shield he can cast upon himself and other members of the party is particularly powerful. Mostly, you’ll be using Red to dish out heavy damage and ideally to absorb attacks from enemies, keeping them off your other characters.


Chuck is a wizard who was captured by the pigs, but is freed early on by Red and joins the party. He brings high-damage attack powers to the group and is particularly good at dealing with large groups of enemies. He doesn’t have much defensive capability, so it’s important to keep him shielded and protected from harm whenever possible.


Matilda is a cleric who has both healing and surprisingly strong attacking capability. She joins the party after you complete the White’s Garden level (#12), and rounds out your group very nicely. She can pack a punch and keep the rest of your party from dying.


You first meet the Pirate Bomb, a black bird, after defeating the pigs at sea. Bomb is a damage dealer, and a very effective one at that.

Jim, Jake and Jay (the Blues)

Jim, Jake and Jay - the BluesJim, Jake and Jay are a trio of bluebirds who are very versatile in the game, providing a lot of attack and support functions.


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